My services

Copy Editing:

I provide three levels of copy editing service:

-Light editing, which includes fixing grammar, syntax, and usage errors and making sure parts correlate with each other.

-Medium editing, which adds to the light edit by pointing out rough patches in wording and gaps in logic and making suggestions for revision.

-Heavy editing, which builds upon the previous two levels and involves rewriting rough patches in the text and helping fix any gaps in logic.

For all levels of copy editing, know that my goals are to ensure that clarity and consistency are preserved and to maintain your style and voice. I’m working with you to make your manuscript shine.


Proofreading is a last step involving a final reading of your finished and formatted manuscript. This is necessary to be sure that no new errors have been introduced to the text during the editing and production process and to check for errors that may have been overlooked during those processes.

Ideally, if I’m the one performing the copy editing, you need someone else doing the proofreading and vice versa.



Do you have a need for a writer, either for online or print material? My years of teaching composition and my own work as a writer have given me experience in multiple styles of writing and a mindfulness of meeting the intended audience’s needs. I can collaborate with you and create original content based on your specific needs.

Substantive Editing:

If your manuscript is in need of assistance on a closer level than copy editing provides, a substantive edit (also called a line edit) may be what you need. In a substantive edit I slowly go line-by-line to identify and resolve any issues that can be tripping up clarity, consistency, and coherency in your manuscript.

No matter what level of service you require, my goal is always to make you and your manuscript look as good as possible.

Developmental Editing:

When your manuscript needs assistance on both a structural and a content level, a developmental edit may be what you need. In a developmental edit I focus on and fix issues that run throughout the manuscript. These are “big picture” issues.

I’m here to collaborate with you to make your manuscript say exactly what you intend it to say. This helps you communicate clearly and effectively with your audience through your words.


Do you have a need for original artwork and like what you see in my gallery at Contact me.


I approach illustrating as a means to enhance the manuscript with visual representation. I want to know exactly what the author’s vision is and will storyboard and make suggestions for ideas in accordance with the author’s goal. Illustrating is not a swift a process, but it can be highly complimentary to the text when done with collaboration and an eye for the final product the author has in mind.